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Although concrete and blacktop are both versatile and durable, they both age, settle and crack. When that happens, removing the old concrete or blacktop is the best solution. And the price will depend on things like: location, thickness, reinforcement and type of surface.

Concrete removal cost estimator by slab size

The amount of concrete and blacktop to be removed is an important factor in calculating the total cost of demolition and concrete removal. Typically, concrete contractors or concrete demolition services charge per square foot.

How much you end up paying for the cost of concrete and blacktop demolition and removal will depend on the situation.

Reinforced vs. Unreinforced

Unreinforced concrete and blacktop is much easier to break. Since it is a less difficult material to remove, and it takes less time, its labor cost is cheaper.

In contrast, removing concrete slabs reinforced with rebar and wire mesh is challenging. Because of this complexity, you should expect a higher labor cost.

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