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When done well, hardscape retaining walls can overhaul your home. They not only withstand lateral soil pressure, but they also blend seamlessly with the verdant greenery. They are also becoming increasingly popular because custom retaining walls fit your landscape and overall architecture.

At Rock Solid Construction & Concrete, our masons are the leading retaining walls construction experts in Fox Valley, Wisconsin. We go all out to spruce up central features of your landscape with splendid stonework. Our retaining walls also serve the main purposes of retaining walls: prevent soil erosion and manage water drainage in your home.

There are many retaining wall options for your Fox Valley area home. depending on the soil type, height, and landscape. However, we can water them down to four basic categories of retaining walls.

Hiring the Right Retaining Wall Contactor

Value, Integrity and Craftsmanship are the Reasons We Are Your Top Choice for All of your Concrete Needs in Brown County. These are several of the reasons why hiring Rock Solid Construction & Concrete brings to each and every project. We go beyond to provide only the best retaining wall and concrete services in the Fox Valley.

Retaining Wall Construction Services in Appleton

Gravity Retaining Walls

Gravity retaining walls aren’t complicated. This type uses its mass and weight to withstand the lateral soil pressure. The simplicity in its construction gives you the flexibility to use an array of materials like bricks, pavers, stones without mortar, and even wood.

Shorter walls may be sturdy, but longer walls may require a concrete base or a small trench for strength.

Cantilevered Retaining Walls

They are also called reinforced retaining walls. Here, reinforcement steel bars give your gravity wall more robustness to prevent it from overturning. Cantilever walls are also connected to a sturdy foundation since they hold a bigger soil mass.

We may add counter-forts or buttresses for heights between 8-12 meters to create an even stronger cantilever retaining wall.

Sheet Piling Retaining Walls

When spaces are small, the best retaining wall construction method is sheet piling. Ideally, a sheet pile is a thin material of steel, wood, or vinyl, forced directly into the soil. Most designers go for a corrugated design for a sturdier wall.

Since you must drive a third of the sheet into the soil, the surrounding soil must be soft. Also, you may require anchors (mentioned below) for taller walls.

Anchored Retaining Walls

These are retaining walls designs that have anchors driven behind them into the soil or rock. These anchors then hold the wall by attached strips or cables. You can use anchors for all types of retaining walls.

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